Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 9

A photo I've taken since our loss~

Yes, here it is, her headstone arrived. I just took this photo about a week ago. Nothing drives home the reality that you are a parent to a dead child like a solid piece of granite spelling out the facts.
I love the font. Those are her actual feet. I came up with the quote-if you'd call it that- about the flower.


  1. What a beautiful headstone. No parent should ever have to pick out their child's headstone, but you did a great job. I love that quote also!

  2. What a beautiful headstone. I really like the font and her feet!

  3. Aww, love the quote, Michelle... and Audrey's teeny feet!


  4. It's so beautiful! Something about the headstone seemed to make it all so final. ((((HUGS)))

  5. I love the quote you put on the headstone:). You did a great job.