Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25

My day in great detail ~

 When I am getting out of bed I put my right foot out first, then swing my left leg over, both feet go into my slippers, then...... No really, I'll stop right there.  Can ya tell I'm feeling a little sacrcastic tonight? Some days are incredibly boring, well I'm not bored but I can't imagine you caring to read about my activities on some days. Others are quite exciting like Saturday for instance. I have no schedule, my schedule is my clients' schedule- whenever someone needs my services that is when I work. It keeps it interesting, I don't love doing the same routine every day. Routine has it's benefits but for the most part I enjoy the adventure of each week being different. Anyway here goes:
5:15 am wake up, get ready and head out of the house for a freelance client.
6:45 arrive, apply makeup, style hair and go back home/salon
9:00 first salon client
11:00 break time, join my husband on the couch as he watches movies through Netflix instant stream.
12:00 eat lunch, continuing to veg on the couch
2:30 back into the salon to prepare for next client
3:00 client
4:00 client
5:00 client
5:30 eat dinner that my dear husband started preparing
6:25 leave for another freelance client
6:40 arrive at hotel, attempt to valet park by unloading makeup chair, case & hair bag. Valet wanted to move my car and it didn't start. UGH. I will now be late (which I HATE) so in order to get my car out of the valet lane I have to do a little trick to re-set my car's computer that takes TEN minutes. I call my client who is waiting upstairs to say I'm here but gonna be late to come upstairs. HOW EMBARRASSING! All the while my car is re-setting - BTW- I must have key in ignition for this, sitting there looking like I'm doing nothing- a lovely valet girl is inside the hotel holding/ guarding all my stuff instead of parking other people's cars who were also waiting for me who is taking up the whole lane because I was in the middle enough to not allow for anyone to get in behind or in front of me. Yeah, nice huh? I finally made it through the excruciatingly long ten minutes and Ms. Valet told me to pull around to other side of hotel and just park in a no park zone and she wasn't going to tow or charge me. Phew, how nice! Then I was escorted by a bell hop who helped me carry all my stuff to my clients suite. Yeay for nice people... and I will definitely recommend this hotel!
7:00 apply makeup, style hair and do so professionally yet hurried-ly ( if that is even a word). Because I am making her late for her evening.
8:00 leave hotel and head to the grocery store
9:15 arrive home, unload groceries (find my hubby has left so I must do all the grocery work myself, poor me)
10:00 hit the shower and watch tv as dear husband comes home
11:45 wake up from the couch and drag my exhausted fat butt to bed.

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  1. Umm... I almost couldn't read your post as I was exhausted just seeing that you woke up at 5:15am!!

    Sorry about your car troubles although it does make for a funny post! I hope you can now look back on it an laugh!