Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15

Double Post Day!, what do I like about my house?

I have a love/ hate relationship with our house. It is a home that was built in 1932, a ranch style. It has been "added onto" twice. It was once the farm house of an apple orchard. I love that our house has tons of history and that it happens to be the only one of it's kind for blocks around, due to the fact the farmers slowly sold pieces of the original land over many years, I believe starting in the 50's. It's kind of cool to think about how we are in the heart of the city and all my neighbors' houses and the surrounding streets were once apple trees instead. What I hate is the mess! We are updating it and by that I mean gutting it, re-designing parts of it and putting it all back together. The process is grueling. My husband is amazing though, he can do all the construction and he does it well, so I like what we have done so far. We just pick an area rip it up, make it pretty, take a break for awhile, then it's on to the next area. We've been here for 4 years and we are over halfway done with the remodel. All that is left is the kitchen and living room, then the outdoor siding. We hoped to have it all complete by now but decided to do it as we could pay for it rather than get a loan or put it on credit cards. So, without further ado I'll share some pictures with you.

The dining room

My husband's best work...vaulting the ceiling

And my favorite...a screened in patio in the back, just off the dining room.
I'm glad we are doing these thirty posts and that this is one of them. So often I look at all that still needs to be done with such dread. But, I am proud of what my husband has accomplished, and doing this really helped me appreciate how far we've come.Maybe I'll dig out the disk of "before" to show you at some point. And really I do have the easier job of picking the colors and painting, and adding all the decorative elements. By the way, the dining room rarely looks so clean as it serves as my art studio most days. 


  1. Love the patio!!! Jealous!!! ;-)


  2. You have a beautiful house! I love that vaulted ceiling!