Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 26

My week in great detail ~

I am actually having a very busy week so I'm behind and I will sum it up pretty quick, instead of giving great detail. Now, this is an ever changing schedule like I mentioned in my 'day' post.
Sunday ~ Jamie bathed dogs while I changed sheets & dog beds, did a few loads of laundry, and baked a cake. In the afternoon we watched a movie, I napped then we headed to a new friend's house for dinner, then home for me to get on my call for the Threads of Hope Bible Study.
Monday ~ OB appointment in the am, along with making and returning phone calls. Ran errands came home for lunch and more laundry, then off to a Chiropractor appointment. When I came home I discovered a box on my doorstep, it was the Still Life Travel Journal!!!! Opened it up and was SOOO excited, but had to make dinner instead of diving into the contents fully. After dinner I watched TV while I started on a candle order and of course looked at the travel journal and marveled at all it included. And of course I made some time for blogs.
Tuesday~ Worked diligently on my piece for the journal and a few candle orders. Did dishes and more laundry (I do one load at a time, so it's never really complete) plus I didn't do much laundry last week so I have more this week. =0 Talked to my sister on the phone for 45 minutes.... In the evening I worked in the salon, threw together a pizza and crashed on the couch in front of the TV.
Wednesday~ woke up at the crack of dawn for no good reason. Tackled some computer work (perfecting salon website, struggled to fix my pay pal button for blog, returned emails and fb messages). Finished candles and packaged up the travel journal. Took them all to the post office. Took a nap and ate TWO chocolate bars! Well I didn't mention that I had eaten breakfast and lunch, so the nap and chocolate came in the afternoon. Did some dishes, cooked dinner and am now blogging.I will probably go put away MORE laundry after I am done.
Thursday~ in the morning I will clean the house or at least start and get through a few rooms. In the afternoon I'll meet a friend for a walk. Then I'll come back to do some hair in the evening.
Friday ~ This is my usual busiest salon day, so it will be spent between the salon and on in between this is why if you see- what seems like- me on fb all day, that's why, because that is how I kill time when my appointments aren't back to back. It rarely happens that they are because I over-shoot the amount of time I'll need for each appt. (remember the OCD post) because I can't stand being behind/late.
Saturday~ Salon in the am. Freelance hair and makeup for a photo shoot out of town in the afternoon and into the early evening. Home to host Jamie's cousins for a backyard bonfire with roasted marshmallows and smores.....fingers crossed for the appropriate weather. =)

Well, that's it in a nutshell, like I said this is not detailed but I can't imagine anyone would really wanna know much more.

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