Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 19

A talent of mine ~

Hmm, well since tomorrow's post is about a hobby which is closely related to my talent, I'll go with the less obvious...the thing that you wouldn't know about me. I make cakes for my family's birthdays, mostly the kids but I've tried my hand at adult versions. I'm still perfecting my fondant techniques but I guess you could call it a talent of mine. I hate cooking but love to bake and I'm good at baking about anything I've made so far. You won't be able to taste but I'll give you a look....

For my niece's 2nd birthday...and my 2nd try at fondant icing.

For my mom's birthday...my 1st try at 2 different kinds of fondant.


  1. Beautiful! :) That panda is sooo smooth which I know is tough on a rounded object - way to go - I think you are very good!! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Awesome!!! They look yummmy to the tummy :-)

  3. OH WOW! You are really a multi facetted talent!