Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 22

A website that has been meaningful to me since my loss ~

 Uh, how about every single one of the blogs I follow!?
 I can't say there is one website that has been meaningful from the beginning but Faces of Loss has meant a lot to me since it began this summer, for all they are doing to raise awareness and allow us a place to tell our stories in one place. Still Life 365 has been a wonderful place to see others express their grief,  a place where everyone's artistic expression is accepted. And ...Glow in the Woods...what a wonderful compilation of articles by various writers who so eloquently put into words what we in the baby loss community universally go through!


  1. I agree all the blogs I follow (including yours of course) have been so meaningful to me too but in my case Faces of loss, faces of hope was what brought me to this blog land

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