Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18

My wedding ~

Let me start by saying Jamie and I met in high school. A mutual friend revealed that he had a crush on me. He being too shy and didn't approach me, so I took the initiative to talk to him more and see if I was interested. After a few rides to and from play practice and home he asked me to go to a football game with him. At the game I sat with him and some of my girlfriends, us girls all decided he was too nice and a little nerdy for this bad boy lovin' girl. I was so rude to the poor guy and after that night he didn't speak to me again. Fast forward to 2003. I had just moved home from California. It was a funny chance encounter where my sister had been meeting up with some guy friends who had motorcycles, I told her I wanted a ride. So, she asked one of them if the next time they all got together I could have a ride. One agreed. She then told me  "Hey, you might know this guy, his name is Jamie etc. etc." I say, "Yeah, I know him. Did you tell him who I am? Cause he probably thinks I'm a real b*@!h and won't want to give me a ride!" I  proceeded to tell her about high school. So she informed him of who I am. Surprisingly he still agreed saying that indeed I was not nice to him, but he would trust that my sister was being truthful in saying how I'd changed. The night I met him again he pulled up in his truck, driving past the meeting spot on his way home from work to get his motorcycle. I will never forget the thought that ran through my mind. "Holy crap, he's grown up to be so cute! Oh, God help me I might be in trouble with this one!" Yep, I got butterflies in my stomach the moment I saw him. I had no intention of dating anyone, I had plans to stay in Iowa for about a year then go back to California. Needless to say those plans sure did change. It was really ironic too how I began working in theatre as we started dating. I hadn't been involved in theatre since high school. We got engaged in July 05. He proposed while we were on a trip to Chicago it was as romantic as it could be out on the Navy Pier at 98 degrees and record high humidity, completely sweaty. The poor guy, I've put him through so much. Not only did I reject him in high school I did it again a year after we were dating. He asked me to marry him once and I said no, broke up with him, got back  together and broke up with him a second time, then back again. I decided around Christmas time of 04 that I was worthy of a nice loyal man who cherished me and to stop jerking him around. I told him so and it took him 7 months to propose again which I don't blame him for - but can you believe I had a deadline in my head that if he didn't ask me again by such and such date I was outta there. Now I roll my eyes at myself. I had a feeling when we went on that trip that he might propose. He made me wait until Sunday, our very last stop to confirm my suspicion. He won't admit it, but I think he feared that I might say no again and he didn't want to ruin the whole weekend. Again, can't blame the guy. So here we are....

My handsome man

Goofing around

His parents, who are no longer on this earth with us.


  1. Aw, love the pictures and your story! :)

  2. Awhh, your love story is beyond cute:). You looked very pretty in your wedding dress:).