Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 10

A photo taken of me more than 10 years ago and how I feel seeing it now ~

 First of all I can't believe I'm sharing this with all of you! But second, I had to so you too would see how fun I used to be.
Yes, I said I used to be. This picture was taken exactly 10 years ago- in the fall even. I was at 6 Flags Magic Mountain having a blast, acting very silly, I was living like a child in that moment- as you can see. When I look at this picture I grieve for that girl I once was. I can't imagine letting myself go like this- practically embarrassing myself. If you can't tell I was jumping up and down because we were finally going on a ride(can't remember which one) that I had been anticipating- totally acting like a kid!

I miss her. I feel like I don't even know her. Life has become so serious, so mundane, so GROWN UP. 

I was Miss Adventure, spontaneous, a little wild- in a good way! I could be uninhibited whenever I wanted to and without any substance- it was el naturel- let it all (personality) hang out and have fun!
Now it's all I can do to leave the house and when I do I'm the person you will definitely NOT notice, just blending in with the crowd.

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  1. Love this picture of that fun, spontaneous girl. I know she's still in there somewhere...just gotta give her time to come out again. I'll hold out that she'll show up sometime in the future. ((hugs)))