Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5

My favorite quote~

This has changed. I am the type of person that goes through phases- I mean we all do but, for me it's pretty evident. I can look back on periods of time and have a song, outfit, quote, food and smell that I associate with whatever I was going through at that particular time in my life, whether it be happy or sad. Then I move on to my next phase, when I love something I love it til I'm sick of it or something comes up that is more interesting. There was a time when I lived in L.A. that I was dating a Latin boy named Carlos who loved Depeche Mode, now I've always been a Depeche fan but I now associate certain songs by them with him. Every time I spot a certain color of brown fall boot, it also takes me back to that time along with a plaid coat I still have and the smell of satsuma, that's what I wore that fall I dated him ever-so-briefly.
Does everyone do that?

Well, that was a a big bunny trail I took you on just to say that right now my favorite quote is:

"We are healed of suffering only by expressing it to the full." Marcel Roust

That is where I am in my life. I cannot deny the pain I am going through for anyone. I cannot down-play the affects of grief to make others comfortable because I WANT to heal. I NEED to heal, therefore I will express it fully.


  1. Yes, Michelle, I believe everyone does that... either that or you and I are 2 peas in a pod...I read Depeche Mode and it brought me back to juniour high, I read plaid coat and it brought me back to my paisley coat, I read satsuma and it brought me back to college. Some days I love what certain triggers bring on... others, as I know you can relate, are more difficult.

    I absolutely love your quote and agree wholeheartedly.


  2. How true that quote is! If we hold it in it only festers and grows bitter. Coming over from Walking with you and think your sweet Audrey is beautiful!

  3. Great quote - and great attitude - you SHOULD express it fully! We all should. I know someone who was told by her family to "forget she ever had two miscarriages", I fear she will suffer for this. (((hugs))) to you! <3