Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog award

Hi all! I've had the honor of being nominated for this blog award not once, not twice but four times! Thank you to Alissa, Shandrea, Kara, and Kristie I am seriously behind on all that I wish to write. Life is looking kind of normal these days-I mean that in a way that would seem normal to an outsider that is, like a busy routine. So without further a do I will list my most newly viewed, blogs. Some of these ladies may have already been nominated, not sure.......

1. Post award on your blog along with the person's name who nominated you.
2. Pay it forward by nominating 10 other blogs that are new to you, and post with their links.
3. Contact those who you've nominated so they can accept and do the same.

Lula's mommy
OWS this blog is not about baby loss, but it is SOOO worth the reading. She is a beautiful, deeply spiritual woman who writes from her soul.

I hesitated to accept this because I hate the thoughts of leaving anyone out. I even considered listing my entire blog list but I simply don't have the time for that!

Ta ta for now!

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