Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Heavenly Birthday Audrey

Dear sweet baby Audrey,
I can only imagine how you spend your eternity in heaven. Anyone who believes in heaven has their own notions of what it is like. Some imagine that our loved ones are looking down on us, sending us signs or making things work together for our good. Some believe that those who've died become angels. The bible says, "No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him."(1 Cor.2:9)
So if we imagine the opposite of everything that is here on earth (the evil) that is what heaven is like- only better than we can ever fathom. There is no pain, no tears,no burden, no trouble, no hunger or thirst and no death. So I think you can't possibly even know that you are separated from your mommy, you are too whole and complete by being with Jesus. If you did know and you could see me, wouldn't that bring you pain to see mine? Or you can see me but it doesn't cause you any pain-maybe because you can see all that I will one day inherit just like you? I imagine that when I get to heaven, we meet again and the bond is instantly restored. For you it may be like when we meet someone new here on earth and we feel a connection to them- like we've known them all our lives- only for you and I it will be much, much deeper. I imagine that you are not an angel, because angels have hard work to do. The bible says that God has given the angels charge over us.(Psalm 91:11-12) I think we have appointed angels form the moment we enter this world, he doesn't need anymore than when he created the heavens and earth. Or does he just keep appointing more and more to minister to us left behind? If so how does he possibly chose who to appoint to who and when? Maybe this makes me selfish or lazy but when I think of going to heaven and becoming an angel it doesn't sound appealing to me. I mean I don't want the responsibility of caring for someone here on earth.In heaven we are to have fullness of joy- FULLNESS of joy!(Psalm 16:11) We couldn't possibly have that joy if we are assigned as angels to rule over the earth fighting off evil could we? I also imagine that you never sleep, you're in a place called paradise, a place we are promised rest, you probably never get tired so there is no need for sleep. If there is no hunger or thirst you probably never eat or drink. Or do you and it is purely for the taste and nothing goes to waste?
These are just a few of the things I think about here far far away from you. We know so little about heaven and I certainly look forward to the day I see you again. Words can't begin to express how I long to hold you again.

For my readers: Thank you all so much for your continued support and love. I've received so many loving comments here, through email and on Fbook. I appreciate you all so much. And as far as my ramblings about heaven goes..I am in no way offended by others beliefs about where our babies are and how they spend their time, whether as angels or not... and I hope I haven't offended you! Whatever brings us comfort is what we go with right? I am such a realist and I always want to know the facts and as much as I seek facts about heaven I'll never really know until I get there.
Tonight I will draw the name of the winner of a custom scrapbook candle...if you haven't already head over to Audrey's Little Light to enter!


  1. happy heavenly birthday audrey!! I hope my little man is up there with baloons and cupcakes for you!! our babies are probably throwing you the biggest birthday bash!
    watch over your mommy, daddy, and baby sister <3 they miss you so much.

    I am thinking of you michelle <3 and hoping some comfort/peace comes your way today if only for a moment

  2. It is interesting to hear your view on what Heaven is like. I find myself wondering that ALOT more than I ever have in the past. Happy Birthday Audrey!

  3. Happy Birthday in heaven Audrey <3

    I can't agree with you more, I don't like the idea of our babies in heaven being angels and I hope that when I die that I won't be angel either. Also I like the idea that in heaven we'll just eat and drink for enjoyment.

  4. Michelle this is BEAUTIFUL!!! and I have the same wonders and I also say alyssa is NOT an angel...I like to believe she is just a baby enjoying the life you get to lead in Heaven...but I have those SAME wonders all the time...You are strong in my heart and mind today (((hugs)))

  5. Happy birthday to Audrey!! Lots of love to you today and always... xo


    Michelle, thinking of you ((HUGS))

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Audrey!! I bet you had an awesome party in heaven. I know God must throw the best parties ever. :)

    I also don't like the idea of Janie Beth being an angel. She is a child of God that Jesus gave His life for.

  8. Just want to stop and send you ((HUGS)) Blowing kisses to heaven.

  9. A little late, but stopping by to give you some (*hugs*) Happy belated birthday to your baby girl.