Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Her Headstone

I didn't sleep a wink last night. This is unusual for me, of course it doesn't help that it was thunder storming and my little dog whined off and on all night. Needless to say I am tired and when I'm tired I'm cranky. I slept for a solid hour this morning before I had to get up for a doctor appointment- that I DID NOT have- early this morning. *eyes rolling* When I arrived I was told that I am not scheduled til Friday. Great. I could have slept all morning. So since I was awake and finally had my camera with me I went to Audrey's grave. I've been meaning to post these pictures since Memorial Day but each time I went to the cemetery I would forget my camera.

So, tonight we meet with another Monument company to compare prices and availability for Audrey's headstone. I just realized the other day that if I want it to be placed by her birthday we better get to it! And of course I know exactly what I want as far as the color and size (which may take time to come in as the color of granite is imported) but I still can't commit to a verse, quote or a sketch. Jamie doesn't seem to have a preference...he leaves all the "cosmetic" (as he puts it) decisions to me. Anyone have any ideas? We must make a decision this week!

I feel so blessed that Jamie's brother had this heart made to honor our daughter. He asked Jamie a few months ago if it would be okay if he had something made for her, Jamie agreed but didn't tell me until it was ready. It was such a nice surprise. We were not alone remembering our baby on Memorial Day. Others came and brought flowers too. What brother Richard didn't know was that I kept replacing the funeral program that was inserted in a plastic sleeve on a plastic temp. marker because it kept fading in the sun and getting water inside. I hated that. For the rest of the summer my baby will be seen clearly. When we get her headstone I think we will transfer this to my flower garden I will be expanding next year in her memory.


  1. I'm sure it will be beautiful!!! How about something from the words of your hope collage? You could work in "kissed by God" or any of those. Just throwing that out there to give you an idea, it's of course your decision in the end. XOXO

  2. xoxo I love this photo, and I love the heart too...cant wait to hear about the dr too Best wishes (((hugs))) and i do not know if i said it yet (PTSD) but thank you so much for your words the other day....they really did "sink in" and i felt some relief and have had some better days....xoxo you are a really good friend to me

  3. That is so nice of your brother in law, it is great when people show they care. I have not decided on Jacks headstone either, I just want it to be perfect and I just can't imagine it ever can be, I look forward to seeing yours. SO frustrating about the Dr!

  4. Isn't just the best when other's remember your angel? I love what your BIL did. Thanks for sharing the photos. ((HUGS))