Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Senses

Grief changes everything.

I can see so clearly now. I notice the color of the birds that nest in our trees, I really look at them. I see how green the grass is, how tall the trees, how cute the babies are.

What I cannot see is someone else's eyes, yeah, that's new-it's so hard to look people in the eyes maybe I fear they'll see through me to the deep pain. It feels too vulerable. They might reject me.

Food no longer tastes as sweet or salty or savory. Taste is overrated. I eat because I must for nothing more than fuel to keep life in me.

I hear sorrow in others' stories, I hear it now with more compassion, with understanding. I hear babies cry in many public places and I hear it with appreciation no longer irritation.

I smell everything. Really smell everything.

I can't truly touch anything, it's as if I've lost my grip my sense of touch is no longer amazed or wowed.


  1. So true about the things you notice and see. It really makes you look at things so differently. XO

  2. I understand this so well. As if my world had opened up a new door and my senses no longer merely did their job, but acutely made me aware of things. Some days are more vivid than others and those days that are a blur feel as if a film covers them that I cannot lift.

  3. Wow what you have written is so true for me too. Big hugs

  4. I NEVER liked flowers and after Alyssa i have grown to Love seeing them....I NEVER cared so much about just staring in the sky, watching the birds, looking at a all of this life around me stands out so much more