Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

This lily is in one of my flower beds. I planted them 2 years ago in the fall and last summer only one or two blooms appeared. Much to my surprise there are about six buds and four blooms right now. Oh, they are just beautiful!

Melissa from Raindrops and Kristin from Dear Stevie are doing photography projects which has inspired me to do so as well. I used to dabble in photography a lot more before Audrey died and like so many other things, I've lost my passion for photographing and remembering the beautiful moments in life that bring me joy. I will be posting pictures of summertime (my favorite season) and anything that brings me joy or helps me honor Audrey's memory. I hope you enjoy them too.
Now for a little update: Yesterday (Father's Day) went pretty well. My dear husband would do anything for anyone and early yesterday he got a call from a friend who knew someone who needed some rescuing. Jamie is mechanically talented and is always working on some one's car and does so at a fraction of the cost of a shop or dealership. Anyway, a woman's van broke down on her way home from an out of state trip, to make a long story short he took his car trailer and off he went driving over an hour to get said van and bring it back. This set us behind on our plans. We were only able to spend an hour and 15 minutes with the step-dad because we planned to be at my dad's after he got off work. It was quite nice we arrived late to mom's, (just in time for the awesome meal) visited with my uncle & kissed the nieces and nephew. The announcement was made that my brother is engaged. Jamie wrestled and played with the kids, and received a beautiful card from my mom and was wished a happy father's day by my brother's fiance'. Then off we went to my dad's which of course was a nice visit. Jamie wanted to visit his parents' graves so we went to the cemetery and came home. It was as perfect a day as it could be without his father and our daughter.
Happy Summer everyone! I hope it brings joyful moments to each one of you.


  1. Beautiful picture! And I'm so glad Father's Day was okay. I wish it could have been just a little more perfect though... (((HUGS)))