Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pregnancy Mention

I'll get to the point here. We are cautiously,optimistically, expecting our little rainbow. It's still very early (6 weeks) but I couldn't bear to be quiet any longer. After some careful thought and consideration I've decided that I will continue to keep this blog in memory of Audrey and limit my posts to life as it relates to her. Not that this pregnancy won't, but I feel more comfortable writing about the specifics of this baby in another format. There was a time (just before I found out about rainbow) that it was hard to read about those who've gone on to have another baby. I just wasn't ready. Most of you can probably relate. With that said please feel free to keep stopping by as I will keep on the topic I came here for, loving my Audrey and coping with life in relation to losing her. For any of you who wish to follow our rainbow, look for a button in the coming weeks ( I first have to figure out how to make one).
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, I started this blog as more of a journal for myself to get my thoughts out there, but of course hoped a few people could relate to me. Now I know how good it feels to not be alone with my thoughts.

Hope everyone had a peaceful Easter!


  1. Congratulations Michelle!!! I will continue to pray for you and this little baby to be. Stop by my blog, you have an award there. ((HUGS))

  2. CONGRATS! I did the same thing with my double blogs.
    I'm 6 weeks too! I'm excited for you!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! It is so exciting to hear there are some butterfly mommies expecting new little ones. Hoping and praying for you!

  4. Congrats! I love hearing good news, especially in the blog world.

  5. omg michelle i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May audrey n angel baby protect this baby and carry it into your arms happy and healthy!!!

    i know others havea hard time with reading ttc things but for some reason when its one of "us" i feel so happy....i know how much you love audrey and she is going to be happy to be a big sister...I will follow "rainbow" too because I would like to see and be there for you through this next journey, Im so afraid and I may get some inspiration and courage through you...

    God blessed you!!

  6. Michelle!!
    That is fantastic news! Sending you and your Little Rainbow lots of love.


  7. Congrats on your rainbow baby! I posted the pic of the positive pregnancy test the very night that I took it...talk about impatience!

    I did the same thing when I found out that I was pregnant with Cooper. I didn't want the people that had been reading my blog about Lily to have to hear about a new pregnancy when maybe they weren't ready to read those sorts of posts...

  8. I love hearing happy news too!! I'm so very happy for you. XO

  9. Congratulations!!!!! I will be praying for you and baby. :)