Thursday, February 24, 2011

100th Post!

Were you wondering where I've been? Well, I was trying to come up with something cool for my 100th post.  Many of you have done fun things to commemorate your 100th posts, I have to too ya know. I racked my brain til I couldn't rack it anymore and what I came up with is a giveaway. I am going to give one lucky winner a little something handmade by yours truly.A little something to say thank you for reading and praying and encouraging me along the way. It's pretty simple really but I like it enough that I will have a hard time saying goodbye when I send it off to one of you. I may need to make one for myself...

It's a little keepsake box, the perfect size for pictures or jewelry or anything your heart desires.

If you would like to be entered to win, just leave me a comment telling how you would use this box. I'll be back Monday morning (28th) to do the drawing!



  1. awww how beautiful!!! I would use it to put all my special remembrance jewelry for Genesis in.

  2. This box is beautiful! Congratulations on your 100th post and thank you for sharing Audrey with us. I would use the box to keep some of Jacob's things in.

  3. Michelle,
    your blog has been such a blessing to me. It is the first blog I read after our sweet Emily Faith died a month ago. I have now read your entire blog and am so thankful that you have shared so much.
    I think that I would use this box to hold all the pictures we have of Emily. It would be nice to have something seperate for just the pictures, until I make a memory book, which could be years from now.

  4. I would use this beautiful box to keep all of the cards and such that we got after Lily passed away. I've been looking for something special and this box is so beautiful!

  5. So pretty!
    I would put all of the baptism/funeral keepsakes I have for Amelia inside.

  6. Glad you are doing well. The box is so pretty. You are so creative. I would use it for Sami's things of course. Wishing everyone luck.

  7. How beautiful! I would put mine and Janie Beth's bracelets in it.

    Good to "see" you.

  8. This is beautiful! I would love to win this box! Like just about everyone else entered to win, I would use it for Harper's keepsakes. Her pictures, her dress, etc. Thanks for hosting this. Its good to hear from you. I am going to read about your rainbow now! :)

  9. Just got your beautiful box! It is just the right size for a couple of Amelia's baptism keepsakes (small cloth and shell...) I will try to send you a pic soon of your box in use. Thanks again so very much!

    BTW...I can't believe you know Christina! Small world.